Why we pay commission

Why we pay commission

Sunday Jul 11th, 2021


A lot of Sellers wanted to sell their homes faster and for more money.

Some Sellers believed it can easily take one to two weeks to complete the process of selling the homes without hiring a real estate agent. Few of them sold their home and others didn’t.

The fact is over 97% of homeowners hired Professional Real Estate Agents to get the homes sold in this market.

Recently there was an article in the Real Estate Magazine mentioned why some homeowners are not willing to pay the commission.

You really think you already know the market by browsing a few websites, knowing the sold price of similar homes in your neighborhood, and do the same job as the Professional Real Estate Agents?

Have you had any experience negotiating the most valuable business transaction… Selling your home?

Negotiation is part of the job of a Professional real estate agent. They do it every week, month and year.

How do you know that the price you received in the offer is the highest market value of your home when you sell it on your own or when you hire a real estate agent who may not understand what is going on in your market?

Some agents can sell homes faster and sell homes for more money, others don’t.

Do the agents have a written proven plan to get your home sold or just over promise and under delivery?

Are you familiar with any legal document regarding selling properties? Is it enough to hire a lawyer to take care of the paperwork without a real estate agent back you up in the process of selling your home?

There are more questions in your mind… and I have the answers. I don’t mind sitting down with you and seeing if I can help you in your next move.

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