We Sell Homes that did't Sell

We Sell Homes That Didn't Sell

Thursday Jul 08th, 2021


Either in a Normal market or Hot market, some homes did not sell during the period of the listing. So, what went wrong?

There is more than one reason why the home didn’t sell but doesn’t mean you can’t sell it.

Following are a few major factors affecting the sales of your home.

  1. The Price is the number one issue when the property is for sale on the market. The Price is like the magnet which attracts all buyers in the market. If the agent suggested a wrong price or the homeowner listed with an unrealistic price, the home would not sell.
  2. Condition of the property is maintained and controlled by the homeowner. We truly believe the home would sell if the Price reflected the condition of the property. If the property has more features and benefits which the buyers see as their value, it will sell with a better price.  
  3. Staging is one of the common services the agent provides to the seller. Nowadays we have Physical and Virtual Staging. Staging is not about how much money is spent in the home but putting the right furniture, decoration, decluttering, and the staging is done by a professional staging company.
  4. Real Estate Market Knowledge is one of the puzzles in selling the home with the right price in a reasonable time. The listing agent must understand and interpret the market data to the homeowner so the homeowner can make a right decision on the asking price.
  5. It is highly recommended the homeowner has a Pre-listing House Inspection before the property is on the market. The homeowner has the opportunity to fix any problems before putting the house in the market. The pre-listing inspection report would help the buyer understand the condition of the property and much easier for the buyer to offer the price the homeowner expected.

There are more ideas and ways to sell your home. I don’t mind sitting down with you, going through all the details and helping you in your next move.

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