VIP Seller Services

Our Mission is to sell your home, at the Top Price in your Time Frame with Least amount of Hassle.

In order to have the Top Dollar & Smooth Closing, you need Right Marketing Plan from which you choose the Right Listing Agent who helps you to choose the Right Price

Process of Selling Your Home:

1) Preparation

2) Marketing

3) Listing Services

4) Offer presentation

5) Negotiation
6) Follow Up until Closing

7) Closing with cheque

1) Preparation Checklist

2) Pre-listing Inspection

3) Repair & Declutter

4) Cleaning

5) Staging

6) Photo taken & Video

7) Printing feature sheets


1) Inside office Marketing

2) Direct Email to Buyers Database

3) Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

4) Youtube upload & Marketing

5) House-Talk Sign

6) Search Engines & Social Media

7) Prospecting with Door Knocking & Telephone

Listing Services:

1) Upload to Toronto MLS

2) Install Sale Sign & Lockbox

3) Follow Up all showing & feedback

4) Re-do the Value Estimation of your home every 4 weeks

5) Weekly review & communication

6) Offer Presentation

7) Negotiation of Contract

Offer Presentation

1) Explain the procedure in offer presentation to the seller.

2) How to accept an offer in terms of Price , Closing Date and other terms in the offer?

3) What are the options during the offer presentation?


1) With the designation of Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE), it is my job to sell your home with the Top Dollars through the professional negotiation. 

2) Understanding and Communication with the Buyer's Agent is critical in the negotiation process.